Sunday, April 29, 2018

Pieced-Together Planter

Its that time of the year again where I renew my resolve to grow outdoor plants. 

My secret to success? Automatic watering system. 

And the secret behind that? Someone else, the HOA gardeners, maintain and program it. 

Yep, that's all it takes. hehe

All my plants are put in the front yard for this reason. Anything I put in the backyard dies because its entirely up to me to water it. I keep telling myself I'll install a simple timer-based watering system...but I've said it for so many years now it's become a joke. 

Thrift store finds: metal candle-holder and metal strainer. The total cost between the two is under $10. 

I just ADORE the stars pattern on this strainer. The stars are the only reason I bought this...just couldn't say no. 

The base was painted with diy chalk paint in Kingfisher Blue (Valspar) and stained with Espresso stain.(Click Here for the previous post on this look.) It's a color combo I've gotten a bit obsessed with lately. The buffet in the background has received the same look. I'll post about it eventually. Its currently in the basement and photos against raw concrete just don't do it justice.

A couple generous coats of spar urethane (for outdoor use) sealed this beauty up. Fingers crossed it weathers the spring rains and brutal summer light.
A short how-to on securing the top to the bottom:

1. secure wire to the top of the candle holder
2. thread wire thru the bottom of the strainer, use needle nose pliers
3. generously apply E-6000 glue between the two pieces
(not pictured) tighten the wires to pull the two pieces tightly together
I also added more glue to the tightened wire so it could
drip through the holes and add extra support
4. weight down and let dry completely

At this point in the project, it was too cold outside for flowers, but it looked fabulous against this arrangement inside.

You can kinda see some light distressing where the yellow peeks thru.

A coconut liner from the dollar store, potting soil, and a pansy plant complete the look. I can't wait to see this plant fill up this space! 

Can you imagine if this candle holder was alive in the Beast's Enchanted Castle? Those legs strutting around while lighting up the staircase or dancing along to "Be Our Guest?" I can see it.

Those blue legs make it a beautiful addition to the garden any time of the year, even on the brown lawn. The grass hasn't gotten the memo yet that spring is here...evidently, it's waiting for that last spring snow before it puts forth the effort. 

A trio of happy plants greets us by the front door. Pretty to come home too. There's still more plants to pot and add to the arrangement. We're off to a positive and hopeful start to spring flowers!


Happy Spring! 

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Friday, April 13, 2018

Craft Room De-Stash Challenge

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Not my idea but I'm a happy participant! Link up below and follow on Facebook. Together let's use up our stash and tackle that project to-do list. 

The Crafty Destash challenges you to create something - anything - using primarily items within your own "stash". You are allowed up to $10 for necessary supplies (i.e. paintbushes, glue, ribbon, etc..)

Sunday, April 8, 2018

Pallets, and Fences and Scraps...OH MY!

They're free. They're easily found. They're like snowflakes for each board is different. They're one of my favorite crafting supplies. And the sky is the limit on what you can do with them. Did I mention they are free (usually)? Frugally fashionable.

And when I say "they" I mean: pallets, fences and random scrap wood pieces.  

My latest scrap wood project is a background for a monogram letter. And at the end of this post I added a flashback round-up of similar projects I've made over the years. 

Natural Weathered Pallet and Fence Boards

I love this monogram letter hanging over our fireplace. Roughly following the 60-30-10 color rule, this "T" coordinates with the other 10% of turquoise in my home. 

These boards are just full of character: nails, knots, cracks. 

Originally this was matte black. A couple layers of teal and turquoise acrylic paint and funky distressing (you can tell by the scratches that I didn't stick to distressing in one direction) created a lovey-to-me color pallete. My husband is on the fence. 

To keep the wood from scratching the wall I glued the wood to a heavy piece of cardboard. So far its held together nicely. Wire stapled to the back acts as a hanger. ***If I were making this to sell or as a gift I'd use wood for the backing. One can always add felt pads to prevent the wood from scratching the wall.***
White-Washed Pallet Wood

I meant to blog about this nautical beauty two years ago when this went into my now-closed booth. The anchor shelf was dug out of a curbside pile. The top brace of the anchor was missing and the paint was sadly faded and chipped. A little TLC and this knick-knack shelf was refreshed and ready for display.

On its own, it didn't sell. 

It was just too plain on its own. It needed something more.  

After mounting it on some whitewashed pallet boards and upping the price (a sales tactic another booth owner encouraged) this piece sailed out of the booth. Pun intended. 

I'm not a huge fan of anchors but the whitewashed wood behind it really added to the charm of this piece and it was tempting to keep. The wood also helped this fit into the style of my booth. 

Oldies but Goodies: Flashback Round-Up

Stained Fence Boards 

Pallet Display Boards
Click Here for the Original Post

Framed Fence Boards Display
Click Here for Framed Fenceboard Post. 

So the next time you drive by a discarded pile of old fences or see a pallet or scrap wood pile for free on your local FB resell group...grab 'em! Create your own unique wooden backgrounds to display your favorite items. Need help? Pinterest is LOADED with ideas.

Happy crafting!


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Saturday, March 31, 2018

Remnant Fabric Peeps

Peeps, love 'em or hate 'em. We're a sugar-addicted family so we LOVE them...or most of us anyways. And it's not just the candy version that catches our fancy, my kiddos gravitate towards the stuffy peeps, too (ok, they gravitate towards ANY stuffy which is why we own way too many of them). Recently my daughter spied a mini peep stuffy for $6 at the local drugstore. RIDICULOUS! We'll make our own, thank you very much!

And the ideas are out there!

Have you seen these ADORABLE peep pillows by Chas? She inspired this crafty journey. Her peep pillows elicited a chorus of "awwwwww" from my kiddos and myself. There was no turning back from making our own puffed peep pillows.

We used the pattern from but followed the tutorial from Both sites have a how-to tutorial and a printable pattern, we just combined the two to fit our purpose.

A little background on our families sewing skills: 
My daughter practically taught herself a simple stitch to make hamster capes. She joins me at craft fairs and sells her pet capes, mostly for the stylish minded hamster and guinea pig. My heart swells with pride as I see the care and attention she's given to design and color combo. If this is what she accomplishes with minimal guidance...can't wait to see what she does when someone (not me) teaches her real sewing skills.
Peanut the Hamster modeling this custom-made fashion line. 

Once the boys saw what was going on they wanted in, too.

1. Cut
2. Stitch
3. Stuff
4. Close

In the end, we created more of a stuffed bunny than a knock-off peep. Seems to be the journey creativity takes in this home. The bunnies reflect the maker. 
Purple Bunny: Favorite Color
Colorful Bunny with Minecraft Style Eyes
Blue Polka Dot Bunny: Favorite Color

Here's my littlest shielding his eyes from the flash. He snuggled his new peeps bunny at bedtime.

Mine was made from drop cloth and I chose to leave the edges raw. 

He almost looks like he has hair. 

Fleece Eyes

Button Eyes 

Hoppy Bunny Family

I'm proud of my kids for learning some new skills: how to operate the sewing machine, control the pedal to adjust speed and the basic sewing process on making a stuffed animal (or pillow). It was treasured mommy-kiddo time and they are proud of their accomplishment, too. Not a bad way to wrap up Spring Break (and whittle down the craft stash).


Sunday, March 25, 2018

Refreshed Pallet Planter Box

This pallet planter originally started out with a Christmas theme. After two seaons of craft fairs I had one red handled planter left, all the others sold. Rather than lug it back and forth for another craft fair season I decided to refresh it. 

the pallet box in front receives
a refreshed makeover

While contemplating the color I measured the tree branch to replace the handle. The branch was actually one of the trunks from an artificial tree, see below.

Cover artThis freebie tree is very much like The Giving Tree as far as my crafty world is concerned. I've already used some of the leaves to make faux feathers. Most of one branch/trunk is used for this project. Still have two whole branches, a small branch, and most of the leaves to use. Who knows what will come next?
 Found these hole driller thingies (not sure what they are called) at a garage sale for .25cents each. It was excited to finally use them after hiding under my craft hoard for the better part of a year. 

Refresh Pizazz: 
1. homemade chalk paint applied lighter in other areas to mimic an aged look
2. light distressing
3. Jacobean stencil pattern in white acrylic 
4. sealed entire box with a clean satin sealer

And the final product: 

(Wrong time of the year for fresh flowers so these fake ones will have to do for now. There's always one last good dump of snow in the early Spring before winter official fades away.)

Jelly jars are repurposed as plant holders. Sometimes I mix in tin cans or empty Starbucks Frappuccino glass jars.

I don't think I'll have a problem selling this beauty now.

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Happy Spring!